Why High School History Was A Prerequisite For Band, The Grinns

BAND: The Grinns

GENRE: Flexy Soul Rock and Roll

LOCATION: Orange County

How did you guys get started as a band? How did you come up with the name?

We all met in high school at Trabuco Hills High School and started making music together. We were all somewhat musically inclined prior to the band. After some separate jam sessions between each of us, we decided to sit down and make something together. As for the band name, there is enough variations to that story that we can confidently say "we don't know."

The music industry can be pretty tough. How do you guys define success as a band?

Being able to support ourselves from music is what we'd ultimately want. Peace of mind is the most expensive commodity in the industry.

Who are your top two band/musician influences you look up to?  

We definitely have respect for The Beatles and The Smiths. Bands like The Beatles and The Smiths gave us a glance into their creativity and the influence of the times on their music. The past gives us a glance into people’s creative genius and also their pitfalls and mistakes. There are a lot of bands, new and old, that make us want to create and the list is ever changing. 

What’s your favorite song you’ve written? And why?

It's a song that hasn't been released yet called "you feel so good." We personally think it captures the best from everyone in the band and really ties together the album. We're looking forward to see what people think about it.

What’s a weird fact that no one knows about The Grinns?

Three of us (Jackson, Joey, and Ramtin), met in a high school history class. Two years later, Fred and Frank met in the same class with the same teacher. We joke that our teacher was secretly grooming us for this.

Where do you pull your inspiration from when writing and performing your music?

We've had a lot of fun going to see live shows lately. A few of the guys went to STRFKR, earlier this year. It was an experience too see with their stage presence, videography and lights. Seeing bands like Beach House, Beach Fossils, and Fleet Foxes made us really appreciate the musical creativity of modern artists. After seeing a crazy performance, we are ready to start letting loose and having fun in both writing and performing. 

How would you describe each member of the band?

Joey: The Artist

Jackson: The Driven

Fred: The Groovy One

Frank: The Golden Tongue

Ramtin: The Everyman

What’s your dream venue to play at?

Having seen lots of shows at the Observatory, we'd love to one day fill up the main stage and have one of our own.

What’s been the most rewarding part of The Grinns?

We're all here because we share a love for music. Being able to make music with our best friends is a dream.

How can we, as your fans, get involved?

Our new album, Golden Hour, will be out early next year so stay tuned. Come to our shows! We'd love to see all your beautiful faces.

Julie Shumaker