Super Whatevr Talks Inspiration And The Healing Power Of Conversations With Your Subconscious.

First things first. How did you guys get started as a band?

The band started as a hodge-podge of random members as I (Skyler McKee) was trying to record an EP, not actually looking for a full band in order to play shows, but things fell into place as we started getting offers! Luke Mensink and Thomas Waale caught the vision and I wanted to have REAL musicians; ones that could add to the creative process, so they were on board and things started rolling.

Super Whatevr is definitely a unique name - where did it come from?

The name Super Whatevr came from one of my favorite bands 1994! (exclamation point included). The lead singer, Christopher Diehm, had a solo project called "Good Crime" and only came out with one record which is utterly amazing. That album is called "Superwhatever", but I lost my passwords to that name, so I took off the last "e" and Super Whatevr was born.

What are you guys hoping to bring to the music world?

We're hoping to let people feel their emotions and stop swallowing up their pain. It's very common to let trauma slide under the radar and it manifests in different ways if you aren't able to deal with hurt. I learned that the best way to get people to open up about their lives is to share what I've been hurt by or grown from. Hopefully, people can be more honest, and we can grow together to be healthy. No more suicides. No more misplaced aggression.

Sounds like you really put a lot into your music. Where do you pull your inspiration from for all of your music?

I used to write poems as therapy in order to have a conversation with my subconscious to make sense of the pain I was feeling. I would read it back after writing, and have more clarity of what I was feeling. And then I'd grow. So I write about that.

Where do you hope to be in the next 2-5 years as a band? 

I hope to have kids showing up to our shows who know our lyrics and have been impacted in a positive way from our interactions and words. I want to leave a good mark on this world.

How can we, as your fans, get involved?

Learn our lyrics, come out to shows, rep our merch, dm us on anything (I'll respond), or just go on and find all of the poems I wrote that inspired the project!

For more information & updates on Super Whatevr, catch them on Instagram: @superwhatevr