Meet Dayna from PRISM

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Meet Dayna Mance, owner of PRISM Boutique at The LAB. We had the chance to sit down with her and pick her brain about everything from how she got her start, her dream collaborations, and advice she has for people who want to start their own creative journey. You can catch her at our ARTober Fest event on Saturday, October 20th, as she will be hosting a variety of local vendors. Scroll on to read more!

Q. Curious to know how it all began - how did you get your start?

A. I always knew I wanted my own boutique. After graduating from UCSB with a degree in Communications, I got a job as a manager in training at Urban Outfitters. I worked my way up there and at Anthropologie, and ended up spending ten years working for the company in various positions. In 2013, I took the leap and opened a tiny boutique of my own off the beaten path in Long Beach. I had to try, had to take the risk. I knew if I failed, that I could go get a job and go back to the corporate life. Luckily that hadn’t happened yet! 



Q. How would you describe PRISM's culture?

A. Prism is a place where you come in and you feel that you’ve stepped into a sanctuary from your everyday life. We have an amazing customer base that has grown with us and supported us. By choosing to shop small, our customers are supporting jobs for twelve of us, plus many freelancers. We also have a wonderful community of local vendors that we have for events and sell their handmade goods. We sell larger more recognizable brands as well, but the small businesses that we work with make Prism’s selection very special. We are the boutique that you walk into where you are treated with warmth and a friendly face. We curate for our customer and find the prettiest items: whether it be clothes, accessories or home goods.  


Q. Tell us more about you! Can you walk us through a typical day in the life?

A. Well I’m a busy lady, that’s for sure! I have two daughters, Indi, 4, and Lucie, 2. I’m typically balancing my day between them and my two other babies, Prism in Long Beach and in The LAB. I’m very hands on with my business and staff and I don’t sit still. Whether it’s hosting or planning our next event, doing the buying, or going back and forth between stores, I’m always running around! I am so lucky to do what I LOVE. Prism is literally an extension of myself and a reflection of who I am, and what I love. It’s a ton of work, but I would chose this craziness over working for someone else any day. 


Q. How did you cultivate your signature style?

A. It’s been an organic process. And just like fashion and interiors, my style is always evolving and changing. Prism in Long Beach has expanded and been remodeled twice in the last five years. I am lucky to work with the ladies of LOREM, who bring my display and fixture ideas to life. Having artists that understand your vision and can execute it has been very instrumental in making Prism look the way it does. My background at Anthropologie helps a lot in making me have high standards on the way I want my store to look. When women walk in with a look of awe and tell me that they love the store and want everything, I know that I have done my job. That fulfills me. 


Q. I know you used to work at The LAB back in the day. How does it feel to be back but with your own space this time?

A. Yes, I worked at the Urban Outfitters at The LAB as a women’s manager in 2004-2005. I’ve continued to come to The LAB over the years to shop and eat, it’s always felt like I fit in here. It feels amazing to be back with my own boutique. I never would have guessed that! I feel proud and thrilled to be here. 


Q. Any advice for others who are looking to begin their own endeavor?

A. Oh yes. Whatever you dream of doing, work in that field. Become the master and learn from others people strengths and weaknesses. When you feel confident, take that risk and go out on your own. You have to work harder than you would working for someone else. Hustle every day and make those dreams your reality. Surround yourself with like-minded people that inspire and support you. 


Q. What's a dream collaboration for you?

A. Something in the home decor world. Working on more exclusive, collaborative products with makers and artists, and bringing those products to the Prism customer.  

Q. What's your biggest goal for the rest of 2018?

A. Just trying to find balance of being with my sweet family and growing two boutiques and an online business… And having the best holiday season yet!

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Julie Shumaker