As a way to recognize 25 years of design, The LAB, Joseph Sarafian (Form Found Design) and students from Orange Coast College's Architecture Department collaborated to design a temporary pavilion, Cytocast, located between The LAB’s ARTery Gallery and the newly opened Bootlegger's Brewery.

The pavilion, based on the concept of social media's influence on architecture, activates a back walkway of The LAB, bridging organic form via new technologies, enhancing the experiences of passersby.

The name Cytocast derives from 'Cyto' and refers to a cell or group of cells pertaining to the modularity of the structure. 'Cast' refers to the process of casting concrete into fabric molds. An ultra-high performance concrete is mixed and poured into the fabric mold and let dry. After curing, the wishbone concrete structures are bolted together into a vaulted shape to create the finished archway, Cytocast.

An open house event to celebrate the debut will take place at The LAB on Thursday, November 29th at 7pm. Those interested in attending the event are invited to visit here or email at for further info.

Special thanks to Form Found Design, CTS Cement, Helix Steel, Walter P. Moore Engineering, OCC Architecture Department, OCC Welding Department, OCC Machine Technology Department, OCC Fashion Department, OCC Makerspace and Architecture Club at OCC: all of whom have donated their time and/or resources to help make this experimental, artistic project possible.

Julie Shumaker