Artist Feature: Joshua Madrid

Meet Joshua Madrid, an artist based out of Orange County. He recently installed a mural at The LAB directly across from Seabirds Kitchen! You might have seen some of his other colorful and kaleidoscopic work around Orange County. Check out our interview with him below!

Name: Joshua Madrid





Where are you from?

Newport Beach, Costa Mesa area.


Why did you decide to become an artist?

I started doing art at a young age and it stuck with me through out my life, The mediums I enjoy working with are collage and paint. I began painting colorful concentric designs in the early 2000's.


How would you describe your art?

Colorful, psychedelic.


Tell us about some of things that influenced this mural?

I think there is something about this concentric shape patterns and colors that is embedded in our consciousness: a seed of consciousness perhaps, or a map.


What else inspires you?

Music, design, art, family, and friends.


Where else can we find you?

You can find another mural I did at the Costa Mesa Skate Park and Dog Park.