The LAB Anti-Mall marks 25 years of “anti-mallism” including special celebratory music performances, communal dining experiences and rotating art installations in abundance starting this summer through year-end.

Established in 1993 by Shaheen and Linda Sadeghi, The LAB retail experiment established a bohemian, “hang out” shopping experience anchored by youthful, like-minded, complimentary and curated entrepreneurs – in protest to the homogenized retailing of the time. Although breaking away from careers in the apparel industry into a new realm of commercial real estate, the Sadeghi’s have garnered national and international attention by abstaining from the look and feel of conventional retail.

The LAB was designed to promote connection and love.  A night vision goggle factory on Bristol Street in Costa Mesa, the Sadeghi’s added innovative details including DG pathways, recycled broken concrete walls, community art projects, indigenous landscaping, tilted parking lot light poles and permanent scaffolding façade.

An art colony of sorts, The LAB has served the community as a village for creatives; musicians, fashionistas and makers and continues to remain at the forefront in design, unique programming and services.

The LAB is an acronym standing for Little American Business and is proud to have supported and nurtured local small business people of all talents, products and mediums over the years.

Keep updated on all the latest anniversary events and happenings here.


Save The Date:  Thursday, August 16th  - The LAB 25th Anniversary Dinner - Ticket info here. 


Julie Shumaker