Artist Feature: Corrie Sullivan

Meet Corrie Sullivan, an artist based out of Los Angeles. She recently created a CD installation using 2500 recycled CDs in celebration of The LAB's 25th Anniversary. It's located between the parking lot and Habana. Go see for yourself and also check out our interview with her below!

Artist: Corrie Sullivan



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Q: Where are you from?

A: I'm originally from Ireland but I moved to LA 10 years ago with my three daughters. I actually named them all after colors! Their names are Sienna, Scarlett, and Indigo.

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Q: What will you name this installation at The LAB?

A: Seedisckope

Q: What inspires you?

A: I'm inspired by so many things. But mostly color, texture, and everyday mediums like ribbons, fabric and paper. I’m also inspired by the urban city especially Los Angeles.


Q: What are some of your favorite projects that you've done?

A: Oh, there's so many! The first favorite was a project I did for a friend's wedding in San Diego on Cinco De Mayo. I made this massive piñata, fringe backdrop for her alter backdrop. I love it because it was my friend's wedding and also because it was the first time I had done something to that scale for a wedding and it really set things into motion for me. A recent favorite was a rainbow installation I did for a company up in LA. It was made to look like a prism and it had all these colors and ribbons. It was so simple but so dramatic at the same time and I loved that it was a permanent installation.

Q: What is it about permanant installations that you love?

A: I've done a lot of event installations and I love doing both but I think recently I love the sacredness of permanent installations. With permanent installations, I also get to use different types of material and explore different fabrics, ribbons, or things that are a lot longer lasting. With event installations, I love creating an atmosphere of celebration for people which sometimes can be more colorful and youthful.


Q: Do you have any other projects coming up soon?

A:  I've got a couple coming up after this. I'm doing the booth for Lexus at the LA Food & Wine festival which I'm super excited about. A) because it's super colorful, it's 3 different things, it's 3 different elements, and it's going to be a really large scale wall piece. I'm also doing a trade show booth for a children's bedding company and a project for a corporate party that's going to be Indiana Jones themed. I'm also doing another event for IJM (International Justice Mission) in Dallas. I'm excited because they're a non profit with a cause and it's great trying to come up with concepts that are beautiful yet thought provoking and impactful.

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